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Chut HaM'shulash (an Israel-based entity) hosts an on-line classroom each week at 11:00 PM Jerusalem Time, on Mo’tzash (after Shabbat).

Chut has hosted nearly 600 weekly Webinar classrooms, and invites you to join us this coming Motza'ei Shabbat (Saturday evening, after Shabbat), live from Jerusalem.

To register and reserve your Webinar seat, simply request an invitation by filling out the Class Registration Form below and clicking the Send buttton. This system cannot process a request for an invitation to join the Webinar, by providing only a telephone number. You must provide an email address. Webinar seats are accessed via links sent out by email only.

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Class Registration

Class Registration form

Below are sample starting times, taking into account certain international time zone changes.

The class begins at 1 PM in California. For other time zones... the class begins on:

  • Motza'ei Shabbat, at 11:00 PM in Jerusalem (IDT)
  • Near the end of Shabbat, at 4:00 PM in New York (EDT)
  • Sunday, at 08:00 AM in Australia (AEST)

In order to verify the hour at which the class begins in your local time zone, click over to one of the following time conversion sites...


Any new participants are invited to audit our classroom, in order to familiarize him/herself with the purpose, content and methods of teaching that we employ during the Webinars. Participants who wish to continue studying with us, are asked to consider contributing whatever they feel is appropriate for them, in the form of regular monthly donations, in order to offset our expenses, and to help keep us on the air.

Adi & Uriel ben-Mordechai