Welcome to Chut HaM'shulash (NTCF)!

The Nehemiah Threefold Cord Foundation (NTCF), or "Chut HaM'shulash" in Hebrew (Threefold Cord), was set up to build the community of faith in the Land of Israel, for without faith, Eydan Ha'Mashiach (the age of the Mashiach) will be delayed.

The Hebrew term "Chut HaM'shulash," is taken from the text of Kohelet (Eccl) 4:12, in which the preacher states that "one who attacks may defeat a loner, but two can resist him; and a three-stranded cord is not easily broken."

The three cords represent community building blocks of...

  1. Mikra'ei Kodesh (Holy Assemblies or Gatherings)
  2. Limud Torah (Learning and Studying the Torah)
  3. Tikun Olam (Fixing the world by elevating it to a higher spiritual level and infusing it with holiness)

Chut HaM'shulash provides online opportunities to gather and learn from the Torah, for where there is no counsel, the people fall; But in the multitude of counselors there is safety." (Mishlei [Pro] 11:14). Other study materials and books are available for purchase, from this website. Through the vehicle of an educational Torah-centered classroom, teaching aids and books, we hope this site will serve the goals and vision of all those with the heart for the nation and Land of Israel, in our day.

From a perspective of Tz'daka (charity), and furthering a 1987 vision and work in Israel that has run uninterrupted since that time, Chut HaM'shulash also aids the Community in establishing and strengthening their economic base through emergency assistance relief grants, zero-interest business loans, and educational grants, as a means of creating employment opportunities for indigenous citizens, who keep the commandments of HaShem, and carry the testimony of Mashiach (i.e. the hope of yeshuah or salvation and redemption for all AM ISRAEL). In this, we strive to heed the words of the Prophet (Yishaiyahu [Isa] 58:10) to satisfy the afflicted soul, so that Israel's light will dawn in the darkness.

Our overall objective is to present an ongoing testimony of Israel's Mashiach and future King, in a manner that does not contradict the Torah or Judaism's messianic expectations. A Christian, reading the foregoing, might assume that we identify as part of the "Messianic Movement" worldwide or in Israel. We do not. The Messianic movement, especially in Israel, presents itself largely as a Christian missionary effort with barely a hint of traditional Jewish expression or culture, and as such, most often carries with it all of Christianity's prominent theological positions, as well as an open distrust and rejection of Rabbinic interpretation and teaching.

A Jew, who reads the foregoing, might also assume that we identify as "Messianic Jews," as that term has been portrayed in the media from all sides. We deny that connection as well. We simply maintain that historic Yeshua, the man, was one of our boys. His own teachings and claims, together with early teachings about him, merit our interest and serious appraisal, minus the foreign non-Jewish "Christian spin" that has been placed upon them, as the world approaches its Eydan Ha'Mashiach. Put another way, we believe due consideration should be given to untampered testimonies, before later gentiles altered the texts, which effectively erased the intended message of NT writings, and replaced them with a brand of ideas and a new religion, that our Torah and Tenach know nothing about.

Israel, in these last days, needs your attention, now, more than ever. We are but one voice amongst many. We look forward to any opportunities to help you better connect to our Land, our People, our G-d and our Torah. Enjoy your visit to our site.